Local Information

  • Venue

Seminaris CampusHotel, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany

Takustraße 39

14195 Berlin / Germany

Fon.: +49 (0) 30 557797-0

Fax: +49 (0) 30 557797-10

  • Public Transport

Berlin offers an excellent public transport network of trains, trams, subways, and busses. Routes with price information could be planned at A map of the network including information of the venue will be added soon.

The venue is located in the price sector "B" and can be reached by

  • subway (U3 - "Dahlem Dorf") or
  • bus (X83 - "Dahlem Dorf"/"Museen Dahlem" and X11 - "Dahlem Dorf")

Tickets can be bought at the bus driver, fare for a single ticket within Berlin AB: 2,70€ (short-trip ticket* 1,70€) and a day ticket within Berlin AB: 7.00€.

*short-trip ticket:

- up to 3 stations on the metro (U-Bahn) or urban rail (S-Bahn) – transfers permitted or
- up to 6 stops on the bus or tram – transfers not permitted.